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Probate is the court supervised process of proving the validity of a will and executing the wishes of a decedent as stated in their last will and testament.

Probate laws in the state in which the decedent was domiciled will determine the proper procedures and process of transferring and distributing assets to the beneficiaries stated in the probate will.

Due to the complexity of legal, accounting and procedural issues in probate estate work it is highly recommended that estate executors seek the advice of a qualified estate administration attorney.

Those individuals named in the will as the; executor, personal representative or trustee should learn their important fiduciary duties.

Probate Will Fiduciary Duties

Probate Resources

Introduction to Probate

Probate Will Frequently Asked Questions

Probate Will Process

Probate Glossary of Legal Terms

Reading the Probate Will

Should you Serve as Executor?

Probate of will Checklist

Probate Will: Getting Organized

Selecting an Probate Estate Attorney

Transferring Assets in an Estate

Recommended Books for Executors

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